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Trauma Orthopedic Surgeon Dubai

Orthopaedic trauma refers to a serious harm of the skeletal or muscular system prompted via an exterior force, such as a fall or a auto accident. While this kind of damage is no longer always life-threatening, it can be life-changing, which is why it’s indispensable to are looking for clinical attention right away.

That doesn’t necessarily suggest a trip to your nearest urgent care middle – these accidents can also require the special information of an orthopedic trauma physician.

The definition of orthopedic trauma is huge due to the fact it encompasses a spectrum of injuries, from easy hairline fractures to life-threatening accidents. While there are many unique sorts of worrying orthopedic injuries, the intention of surgeons who specialize in this area is identical – to restoration the feature of the injured body part(s) as rapidly and correctly as possible.

trauma orthopedic surgeon Dubai

Trauma and orthopaedic surgery

Trauma and orthopedic surgeons diagnose and treat a huge range of conditions of the musculoskeletal system. This consists of bones and joints and their related constructions that allow motion – ligaments, tendons, muscle tissues, and nerves.

There are two elements to the work:

Trauma – injuries to the musculoskeletal system, such as broken, fractured, or dislocated bones and soft tissue injuries

Congenital and degenerative stipulations of the musculoskeletal system, as nicely as infections and tumors

Trauma can range from low strength fractures (often in elderly patients) to more than one injury such as these brought about by way of a road site visitors accident. Bone and joint infection can also require emergency admission and treatment.

Common procedures/interventions

Joint arthroscopy – a thin telescope with a mild (arthroscope) is inserted into joints through a small incision to look at joint problems. This is most commonly the knee however different joints can also be investigated in this way. The arthroscope can be used to appear for symptoms of arthritis and show feasible injury to cartilage or ligaments. The minimally invasive surgical procedure can be performed to repair broken tissue by way of getting rid of floating cartilage, torn ligaments, or tissue around the joint that has become inflamed

Bone fracture repair – surgery to repair a broken bone the use of metal screws, pins, rods or plates to maintain the bone in place. Many distinctive methods are used relying on the location, severity and kind of fracture to make certain that the bones are stable, heal efficaciously and hold function. A bone graft might also be used the place the bone has been shattered

Arthroplasty – the replacement of entire joints following damage due to osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Knee and hip replacements are the most common operations. Newer strategies such as partial knee resurfacing are being used for patients in the early stages of osteoarthritis

General repairs on damaged muscles or tendons – these should be acute injuries due to trauma, or persistent harm due to modern deterioration of the tissue

Corrective surgical operation – eg patella (knee-cap) realignment. These tactics right problems of anatomical alignment which restrict characteristics and may want to purpose long-term issues if left untreated. This surgical treatment is regularly carried out on kiddies and teenagers for congenital deformities


Work into new joint replacement methods includes resurfacing of the hip and shoulder, which leaves patients with an awful lot extra of their authentic bone than a total replacement. There is also work into distinctive substances for replacements (including metals, plastics, and ceramics).

Biological restore is a region of tons of research, such as cartilage transplantation or using cloth grown from stem cells to exchange damaged joint tissue (eg tendons and ligament).

Computer-aided navigation allows 3D mapping of a joint and permits higher accuracy for incisions – more research is needed to see if this effects in widespread upgrades for patients.

Common Problems Seen By Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon Dubai

Orthopedic trauma professionals treat fractures in almost any bone in the human body. This includes fractures of the hip, tibia, femur, humerus (upper arm bone), elbow, pelvis, clavicle (collarbone), and forearm. From hairline fractures to whole breaks in the bone, trauma specialists can advocate the remedies that will end result in the satisfactory viable outcomes.

Common strategies carried out through our orthopedic trauma experts include the following:

  • Minimally invasive surgical operation for broken bones

  • Limb lengthening

  • Surgery on the pelvis and acetabulum (hip)

  • Bone transplantation

  • Joint transplantation

  • Bone grafts

  • Treatment of nonunion fractures

  • Soft tissue reconstruction

  • Osteomyelitis treatment

Before recommending one of these procedures, your surgeon will probably function X-rays or different imaging to get an entire image of the problem. This helps guide treatment planning.

Why It Is Important to See a Specialist For Orthopedic Trauma

Following an anxious bone injury, many patients are not sure what type of medical doctor to see. Emergency room doctors can assist with the immediate penalties of the injury. However, any wanted surgical procedures or longer time period follow-up care are exceptionally dealt with by using orthopedic specialists.

Orthopedic trauma specialists have usually performed a fellowship program in which they receive specialized coaching in the cure of hectic injuries. This provides them with the skills and trip wanted to maximize outcomes while minimizing patient distress. Our orthopedic surgeons work collaboratively with experts in plastic surgery, vascular surgical procedures, and neurosurgery to repair the injury. This includes attending to bones, related smooth tissues, vasculature, and surrounding nerves.

Experiencing an orthopedic trauma can also end result in weeks or months of recovery time. Orthopedic Specialists are experts in the assessment and therapy of vary of orthopedic issues. Our specialists can assist you to create a treatment design that will restore your range of motion and the best of life.


With fractures, the restoration process can take weeks if no longer months, and in the course of this time the affected region should be saved immobilized. As a result, weakening will regularly take place in the muscular tissues which have to be addressed before full mobility can be restored. Fortunately, our team consists of some of the finest physiotherapists around.

Once the fracture has entirely healed, we will arrange for you to consult with one of our physiotherapists who will devise a rehabilitation graph that is perfect for you. Through this process, your bones will be strengthened, and your full range of motion will be restored.

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