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Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Dubai

Limb lengthening is achieved through the usage of the body’s own capability to regenerate new bone as well as the gentle tissues, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves that encompass and guide it. The process begins with an operation referred to as an osteotomy, in which the orthopedic health care professional cuts the bone to be lengthened. The limb (usually the top or decrease leg) is then stabilized the usage of one of several special external and/or interior fixation devices or frames.

Two phases of recovery follow. In the first, or distraction phase, the bone that has been cut is very progressively pulled apart, in a manner that promotes distraction osteogenesis or new bone increase at the website online of the osteotomy. The continued growth of new bone tissue is accomplished by way of distracting or spreading the hole normally 4 times a day, one-quarter millimeter (¼ mm) with each adjustment, for a total of one millimeter (1 mm) a day.


As the space between the ends of the bone opens up, the physique continues to produce new tissue in the gap until the desired length of bone has been generated. Additional strategies are handy to right any deformity that can also be present, such as a misalignment of the bone ensuing from trauma or a beginning defect. Early on in this phase, sufferers walk with the resource of crutches in order to remain mobile.

How do you extend the bones and smooth tissues?

The bone is cut thru a 1-cm (internal weight-bearing lengthening nail, (the latter being our present-day desired system for bilateral stature lengthening), is inserted into the marrow of the bone, and is constant to the upper and decrease part of the bone with screws. Unlike preceding devices, such as the ISKD, the Precise and Precise Stryde are accurate and controllable.


They can even be programmed to go in reverse to compress the bone, if needed, to assist velocity healing. Some of our surgeons at the International Center for Limb Lengthening were on the original doctor graph team of the Precise device. We have implanted over 400 Precise nails as of July 2019, making us one of the most skilled institutions in the world performing limb lengthening with Precise inside magnetic lengthening nail technology.

Additional tactics may additionally be carried out to stop nerve troubles and to help the affected person reap full vary of movement at some point of bodily therapy. These strategies include peroneal nerve decompression, injection of Botox into the thigh muscle tissues, and fascia lata release. The want for adjunct techniques will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Five to seven days after surgery, you will commence the lengthening process. The Precise and Precise Stryde is telescopic rods that comprise a miniature magnetic motor. The magnetic motor is activated through applying a magnetic area generator to your thigh, called an External Remote Controller (ERC).


When the motor is activated, the telescopic rod lengthens, which lengthens the bone and soft tissues. The magnetic discipline generator is utilized two to 4 times per day, as advocated by your surgeon, to extend a total quantity of up to 1 mm per day. Most humans do now not ride any pain when the magnetic field generator is applied.

Eligibility For Limb Lengthening Surgery

Treatment for limb length discrepancy ought to commence with a thorough contrast from an orthopedic surgeon skilled in the procedure. Patients may be surprised to research that what they idea was once a discrepancy in leg length, for example, is truly an entirely unique medical problem, such as scoliosis (a peculiar curve of the spine) or a hip deformity.


Or, they may additionally have a fallacious perception of the length of their limb length inequality. Orthopedic surgeons on the Limb Lengthening Service obtain a different sequence of X-rays to exactly determine and verify each diagnosis.

When genuine discrepancy does exist, even when it is now not the end result of trauma, this asymmetry may lead to back, knee, and ankle pain. In the case of malunion (a fracture that has no longer healed properly), osteoarthritis can also develop. In some cases, an affected person has lived with a limb size discrepancy for many years except experiencing issues and then develops difficult symptoms in center age.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Recovery time from the limb lengthening process varies among patients, with the consolidation segment now and again lasting a significant length – especially in adults. As a usual rule, young people heal in ½ the time as it takes for adult patients.


For example, when the desired purpose is 1½ inches of new bone growth, a child will wear the fixation gadget for three months. In adults, although bone recuperation takes longer, the use of the internal lengthening nail makes the procedure greater simple as there is no external fixator needing to be worn.

Expect to be in the hospital for three days after surgery. You will start physical remedy whilst you are in the sanatorium and proceed physical therapy at some stage in the entire lengthening process.

What happens after the preliminary surgery?

During the lengthening process, you will need to be seen by your physician in the hospital every 10-14 days for X-rays and a bodily examination. The Precise Stryde nail approves for almost full weight-bearing, even in the early phases of treatment; to be on the protected side, we suggest using crutches as well. You will be prescribed a wheelchair to make it less difficult to traverse lengthy distances. During the post-operative visits, X-rays are made to monitor bone healing. Based on the X-rays, as nicely as joint flexibility, we may additionally speed up or sluggish down the price of distraction.

How an awful lot taller can I get?

The total endorsed lengthening is 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) in the thigh bone (femur). Lengthening extra than three inches in one bone is associated with higher complication rates. If desired, another absolutely separate lengthening technique can be performed one 12 months later in the shin bones (tibiae) to reap up to an additional 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) of height.

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