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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Dubai

Knee surgery Dubai is a medical procedure that involves correcting the problems in the knee joint through surgery. It is also known as arthroscopic knee surgery in Dubai because it uses a tiny camera to diagnose and treat the problems found in the knee joint.


During the procedure, a small incision is made on the affected area of your knee to insert a small camera known as an arthroscope. This instrument enables the surgeon to view the insides of your knee and diagnose or identify the problem in your knee. The arthroscope displays the picture of the insides of your knee onto the video monitor through which your surgeon can examine or even treat the problem using the arthroscope.

The arthroscope can also be used to treat the knee problems or even remove the damaged structures using the small instruments within it. Arthroscopic knee surgery in Dubai is also known as knee arthroscopy or scoping the knee. Arthroscopy is often used to diagnose and treat several knee ailments such as misaligned patella (knee cap), torn meniscus, or the broken ligaments of the joint. The benefits associated with knee arthroscopy is that it relatively requires lesser recovery time and causes less pain. 

Reasons to perform arthroscopic knee surgery in Dubai 

There are several reasons associated with performing arthroscopic knee surgery. Some of them include: 

Torn cartilage/meniscus surgery


When the portion of meniscus cartilage of your joint gets affected or broken, it needs to be removed using the meniscectomy surgery. The meniscus is located between the bone ends of your knee. It is a shock-absorbing wedge of cartilage responsible for providing cushioning and support to the joint. In the case of minor meniscus cuts, it can be treated by trimming the affected area to relieve the symptoms. 

Meniscus repair: 


Meniscus repair involves treating the damaged portion of the meniscus to restore the normal anatomy of the knee and provide it with long-term prognosis. This surgical procedure is said to be very significant. However, meniscus surgery requires relatively a longer recovery period. Moreover, due to limited blood supply in the meniscus, it often becomes impossible to treat the problems related to the meniscus. 

ACL reconstruction: 


ACL, also known as the anterior cruciate ligament is one of the major surgeries which involves restoring the knee stability lost after an accident or injury. People having an ACL suffer instability in their knee and complain of their knee giving out from under them. ACL is a surgical treatment used to sustain the knee drop. Most of the ACL; surgeries are performed arthroscopically. 

Plica excision: 


During the development of your knee, it is divided into several compartments where some remnants remain and others get lost over time. The remaining remnants are considered prominent and called plica. Plica is a remnant tissue which is not lost during the fetal development. A person can suffer from plica syndrome when it gets irritated. The plica resection surgery is performed to remove the irritated tissue. 

Lateral release: 


While doing any activity, the kneecap moves up and down towards the end of the thigh bone in a groove of cartilage. Due to this, the kneecap can end up moving outside of this groove or dislocate from the groove. It can cause the person severe pain while bending the knee joint. To eliminate this problem, lateral release surgery is used to loosen the ligaments that are responsible to pull the kneecap outside the groove. 



when the area in your cartilage gets damaged, the microfracture surgery is used to stimulate the body in developing new cartilage. This procedure involves using the bone marrow cells to access the damaged area of cartilage and to fill the gaps in it.

Uses and Benefits of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery in Dubai 

As compared to the open forms of surgery, knee arthroscopy is considered less invasive. The rebind behind that is, it allows the surgeon to diagnose and operate the knee problem using small instruments within the arthroscope itself. The arthroscope is passed after making a small incision in the skin.

Knee arthroscopy surgery in Dubai is used for diagnosing several knee problems. Some of them include: 

  • Stiffness in the knee and persistent joint pain

  • Floating fragment of cartilage or bone

  • Damaged cartilage

  • A build-up of fluid in the knee that needs to be drained to avoid further damage. 

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Dubai

In a majority of knee-related problems, arthroscopic knee surgery in Dubai can itself be performed to diagnose and even treat the problem. Several people prefer arthroscopy over other surgical procedures as it is associated with several benefits, these include: 

  • Relatively faster recovery time

  • Lesser tissue damage

  • Less pain after the surgery

  • As smaller incisions are made so the risk of catching infections is minimal. 

However, arthroscopic knee surgery is not suitable for every person. People with osteoarthrosis and degenerative diseases are less likely to be benefited by knee arthroscopy. 

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Dubai.jpg

The procedure of the arthroscopic knee surgery in Dubai

The procedure will begin by providing anesthesia to numb pain in the area where the surgery is going to be performed. The type of anesthesia will depend on the extent of the arthroscopy. During the procedure, your doctor will perform a small incision on the affected area of your knee to pump a saline solution into the area. It is performed to expand the knee to make the procedure easier. After that, your surgeon will insert an arthroscope inside the skin to see the affected area on the video monitor. This helps the doctor to diagnose as well as treat the problem there itself by inserting small tools through the arthroscope. After correcting the problem, the doctor will remove the tools, use the pump to drain the saline solution from the knee, and stitch up the incision. This process may take up to 1 hour or less. 

The procedure of the arthroscopic knee surgery in Dubai

Same as other surgery, knee arthroscopy is associated with several complications. The patient is more likely to have excessive bleeding during and after the surgery. Knee arthroscopy also makes the person more exposed to the risk of infections. Even the anesthesia comes with the risk of allergic reactions and breathing problems. Other risks related to arthroscopic knee surgery in Dubai include knee stiffness, blood clotting, damage of tissue, and much more. 

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